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Carly Hunter

Bailey Hart


Brady Stevens

Linsey Barr

Georgia Godwin

Jacob Harrison

Daisy Peach

The Peach Pole Studio

This is the grip I’ve been waiting for! Not only does it dry the sweat out of your palms, but it also provides a slightly sticky grip — which I love. I haven’t used a product before that equally does both. Not only that, but it’s a great consistency and it lasts, so I don’t feel like I need to re-apply as often as other grips. Thank you for developing this! An exciting day for pole dancers!

Bailey Hart

After being diagnosed with Addisons in 2015 my sweat situation changed drastically. I went from barely sweating, to hands that were visibly wet, and there was just no way I could hold the pole (especially during a competition routine). Enter GRIPTINITE. Each application lasts longer than any other grip I have tried, it has been formulated with the safest ingredients, and it’s completely Aussie owned and made! If you’re looking for a new grip, look no further, GRIPTINITE will blow you away – pun intended!

Carlie Hunter

I’ve been searching for the perfect grip aid. GRIPTINITE has ticked all the boxes. It’s long lasting and easy to apply, Australian made and doubles as a hand sanitiser. It’s the winner for me.

Charlee Fox

Fitness Empire Australia

GRIPTINITE is yet another outstanding product by Carmen and her team at Dry Hands Australia. I have been instructing Pole Fitness for over 10 years and when Carmen asked us to trial her new grip over 12 months ago, I jumped at the opportunity. Not only is Carmen and her team super professional to deal with but they deliver an exceptional product too. We are super excited it’s finally on the market for everyone to hold. Using the right grip is a delicate balance between wet and dry in any sport so expelling moisture is important to maximise your workout and deliver the result that you set out to achieve. If you want a powerful grip – GRIPTINITE it!

Jennifer Grace

Pole Athletica Director
I love everything about GRIPTINITE! I feel super secure when on the pole and I don’t need to apply it as often (usually just once) when teaching a class. This gives me peace of mind and confidence which every poler needs. 
As a studio owner I LOVE the fact that this product is not messy especially when opening the bottle. There are no flaky bits on the floor and it  doesn’t spurt out of the bottle when you flip the lid. This is hands down my favourite grip for pole!

Shea McOnie

Pole Athletica
Absolutely loving Griptinite! It grips stronger and lasts longer between applications, and I’m using less product than I used to.
The consistency is great and I love that it doesn’t go chalky.
10’s across the board from me!!! 


Griptinite is amazing! I use it whenever I do my routines & conditioning on bar. I used to make a big mess with the chalk, so my mum loves Griptinite too! All of the grip, none of the mess

Robyn Raynel

Griptinite is my go-to for pole and aerials. On slings or colored tape hoop, it grips without leaving any marks or residue on the apparatus. This keeps the apparatus looking and feeling cleaner for longer. On pole it works for both body and hands drying them with just a tiny hint of chalkyness but not too much that you slide around. This is the perfect balance for both static or spin pole without needing different grips for each. An added bonus is the sanitizer aspect of it which has become so much more important these days. Win win!

Tania D

We love this grip for pole dancing! It helps during all the sweaty times, and help’s keep us feeling confident trying new things. We definitely will continue buying it and would recommend it to others to try!

Kirsty Rose

Griptinite has become my go-to grip! I love it for both pole and the gym. The true test for a good grip is always doubles training for me – if I can hold up both Dani and myself with it then you know it’s good. Griptinite passes the test for me no sweat – I’m a convert!

Devin Ng

Well… been using Griptinite during practice this week. You were totally right. This is some seriously great stuff!!!

Matthew Cameron, NZ Jockey

Riding on a hot day at the races…. definitely recommended

David Liti, NZ Olympic Weightlifter

David Liti, NZ Olympic Weightlifter review of Griptinite ™

For consistent grip and better taping strength – approved by yours truly

Ali Pooley

I’ve really struggled with the humidity since moving to NZ, and of course moist hands/sweat are the biggest nemesis when it comes to pulling off big pole tricks, but Griptinite has been the greatest solution for both of these! Less is more with this product; one or two applications will see you through a pole training session, easy! I also use it as a grip aid at the gym, with the bonus factor of it being a hand sanitiser when sharing equipment. Could not recommend it more!!

Shannon Cockerill

I am soooo excited!!! I’ve fallen so deeply in love with my new grip Griptinite!! I used Griptinite with my barbell weights training this morning and then pole strength training this afternoon and it was da BOMB

Holly J

Oh my gosh it’s amazing. I put some on my hands when they were all sweaty and they dried up so I could grip my bar, I then put some on my feet and it made them grip to the beam so much better. I highly recommend this product

Calley Whale

Calley Whale review of Griptinite ™
I became a grip slut trying to find something to replace dry hands. Once I found #Griptinite that stopped! This is now the only grip I am using for pole. Great quality and reliable product at a good price. I know each time I use Griptinite it won’t let me down and there is no messy sticky or powdery residue left behind.

Bosslady Louise Watson, PT

It’s freakn Awesome!!

Linda Chandler

Absolutely brilliant stuff!!!! As a dry hands girl it’s been difficult to find another product that compares. Everything I’ve tried has left my hands feeling silky and slippery. GRIPTINITE is the next best thing and has not let me down

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